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Median Ui 1.5 Blogger Template

Median UI 1.5 is one of the best SEO friendly, highly optimized, AdSense friendly, clean, most advanced with unique features, superfast Blogger template of the current time. The dashboard UI design on the Median UI Blogger template is soo impressive and unique that everyone gonna love it.

Median UI is designed with dashboard UI concept, this template is more recommended to be used on news blogs, a simpler design but has a high readability is a plus point in this template. Menu display is also made different from other templates, carrying 3 column concept where the first column is devoted to navigation menu which can be minimized
Notwithstanding upgrades and changes to the presence of the format, in this update you likewise added a few new elements that may be valuable for your blog.

New Widgets Notification Header

Please enact this component through Blogger Layout, another blog will show up at the highest point of the Header containing a folding warning text to perusers.
You can put text promotions here, we likewise added a connection button that you can enact without any problem.

Easier Navigation Menu

We understand that not every person gets HTML, so we give an elective route menu that can be altered straight forwardly through Blogger Layout.
It's simply that the downsides of this menu are restricted symbols and can't add a dropdown. Later on we will attempt to try again to consummate this gadget.

Slider Widget

This gadget is accessible in the old form 1.3, but since it isn't awesome (there are still bugs) we chose to eliminate it in variant 1.4. Presently this gadget has been returned to adaptation 1.5 with simpler utilization.

Spring up Widget Profile

If in past renditions this gadget was in the sidebar, in this update we moved it to the header area and added a spring up menu.
The idea is equivalent to the Profile confine contained the Google stage.

This gadget will just show up on the landing page and will be consequently eliminated from the AMP(?amp=1) show.

Uncommon Posts Page

We've additionally added 3 custom post pages that you can enact by essentially utilizing explicit marks. Marks that can be utilized to initiate this page include: Fullpage, Sponsored, Product.
At the point when you utilize one of these marks, the presence of articles on the landing page additionally changes, including the Featured Posts and Popular Posts gadgets.
You can change the name of the mark above with the name you need New Post Style Several new post styles were likewise added, for example, Grid picture, Scroll picture and others. We additionally revised all post style code. If it's not too much trouble, visit this page to see the total rundown.
Since we changed all className and ID on every post style, it's conceivable that your article format utilizing the past variant (v1.4) style will look chaotic.
We have our own purposes behind this.

Blogger Comment Pop-up Now the remark spring up include is additionally present in the Median UI format with a less difficult and further developed appearance, you can likewise cripple this component effectively, we have given a guide to this.

Disqus Comments onScroll

Unlike the already accessible Disqus remarks, with this component you presently don't have to press a button to initiate remarks. Disqus remarks will be consequently stacked when the client looks to the lower part of the post.

Featutres Availability
Responsive Yes
Google Tool Validator Yes
SEO Friendly Yes
Mobile Friendly Yes
404 Page Yes
Featured Post Yes
Shortcode Yes
Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
Ads Ready Yes
Responsive Footer Yes
Social Follow Button Yes
Multi Drop Down Yes
Search Widget Yes
Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Email News Letter Widget Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Responsive Menu And Layout Yes

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