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[LATEST]Fletro V6.1 Blogger Premium Template By [UPDATED] Jagodesain Review[NEW]

Fletro Pro is a new model designed with mobile in mind, but it doesn't ignore the computer screen.
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Fletro v6.1 Premium Blogger Template Review 2022

Get Fletro v6.1 Premium Blogger Template: Do you want to Get Fletro Premium Latest Version Blogger Template but not sure about it? 

Are you a blogger and looking for a good premium AdSense ready blogger template to make your blog look professional and modern? 

Then you are at the right website or blog because today I will tell you to see one of such best modern looking blogger templates. I will tell you How to Get Fletro v6.1 Premium Blogger Template and use it, which is the Latest Version of the Fletro Blogger Template.

Here I will tell you some important information about Fletro v6.1 like its features, How to Customize Fletro v6.1 Premium Version and finally, I will provide you with Fletro v6.1 Get Premium Version.

Fletro Pro V6.1 Blogger Template

Fletro Pro is a new model designed with mobile in mind, but it doesn't ignore the computer screen. It's just that the trend of internet users is now gradually moving from desktop to mobile, which is evidenced by the statistics of mobile users that are increasing every year. The look is made modern and elegant in terms of features or template layout, besides this template is more user-friendly, the layout of each element is neatly arranged and does not hinder the convenience of the user. visitors to the blog.

Not quite there, Fletro Pro V6.1 made by Jagodesign also supports blogs with educational niches as for features that might be very helpful here are the Blockquote, Accordion, tables, and table of content features or what is commonly called the table of contents. Especially for blogs with most headings, don't ask again, this template comes with button support with various styles, there is also a spoiler feature that you can use to save the password file.

Then what about tutorial blogs that actually have to load coding? No need to worry about the Syntax Highlighter feature ready to display and highlight the source code you wrote. Multi Tab Syntax Highlighter is the main features of This theme for a blogging tutorial website. 

Following the trend of Blogger today, the Dark Mode feature seems to be a must in a template. This feature is also always maintained by Muhammad Maki as the designer of this template. However, the convenience of visitors must still be prioritized. You can read some other features in the next heading called Features of Fletro Pro V6.1 Blogger Theme.

What's New in Fletro Pro v6.1

This Fletro Pro v6.1 is completely different from version 6.0, it is coming up with additional extra new features of the template.

Get the latest & premium version of Fletro Pro v6.1 for web development. The greatest and most recent Blogger theme that is SEO friendly. The best theme for adsense approval is Fleteo Pro. Get to speed up the loading of your website. Get the premium theme right now.

Fletro Pro v6.1 is a clean, fast-loading, SEO-friendly template for your blog. The design of this template, which is unlike any other template on the web, was inspired by Blogger's UI/UX Idea. This template has more features than Median UI Template, which is a similar template to Fletro Pro Template.

Bloggers' Favorite Adsense Approval Theme Fletro Pro was created by Jago Desain. You can also support Jago Desain by purchasing this template, which comes with extra features and daily updates for you to use.

This website does not use cloning or cracking to share themes. The General Public License (GPL) and the theme creator's hard work are both respected. We share links on this page that are already stored elsewhere on the internet and are not part of our website. They are not the responsibility of our website. If our site has indexed your copyrighted work and you want it deleted, please notify us as soon as possible. We'll get rid of it in 72 hours.


Let's check out the new listed features on Fletro Pro v6.1 Premium Blogger Template.

A Fresher Look

Its old template code (HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS) has been changed and rewritten again. To make it simple some parts of the template structure changed.

Using CSS Variables for Coloring

You can see the CSS variable in the template which helps you to easily change all elements' color. Especially for the AMP version, you need to change one line of code to work it well automatically.

Easier to Change Navigation Links

Now, here is an alternative navigation section for those who have difficulties in HTML, you can directly edit it through the layout of the blogger.

It is also easy to change the icons that are available on the navigation widget. This is helpful for those who focus on blogging.

All Colors Can be Change

Almost all colors can be changed like header, footer, elements, etc. It is possible via the default theme designer of the blogger. Don't need to edit the code in HTML or CSS.

A Simpler Share Button

Like the old version of the template, here are two sections for sharing the article, one is top of the post and another one is placed at the bottom. These two work by a Pop-up functionality.

Dropped Lite Version Update

Apologize for the Fletro lite version users! Fletro lite version development has been stopped due to its less demand in the market. 

If your a user of Fletro lite, don't be panic you will be getting the standard version of Fletro Pro instead of the Fletro lite.

Bug Fixed (Repair)

Many bug reports have been fixed, here is the top important bugs or issue that are improved by the developer, in the new version that it including:

  • Fixed some unchangeable colors
  • Fixed the comment icon that couldn't be clicked
  • Fixed the Table of the Content script which only supports Latin text
  • Fixed date and author name not being able to hide via Blogger layout
  • Fixed misaligned date position in Grid Mode template.
  • And some other fixes
  • Other Standard Features

These are recently updated in an old version, but now it becomes the regular (standard) features on the template and continues updating to a new one. 

Split Post

You can easily split the article or post it into several pages like a WordPress site. If your article is longer than two thousand words then this is a most useful feature on the new Fletro Pro template.

Which helps your readers to focus on the content without boring and living that article.

Post with Fullpage

Posts with full-page features that remove the sidebar, so users can focus more on reading content. It works as a zoom-in and out concept.

You can activate this feature by adding the 'Fullpage' label to the post, you can change this label later as you wish.

Tabs Post

If your article is written in two different languages then this tab post function must be useful to show the content in an alternative language.

The number of tabs you can be increased or decreased as you need, in Tab-1 your original (English, Hindi) content, or in Tab-2 your alternative (Local Language) content.

Also, you can break a longer article into several sections or tabs on your blog or website.

Post with Facebook Comment

If your target audience is from Facebook then this feature will help you to run your Facebook Ads. This is a comment plugin feature from Facebook, that you can easily install in your blog and show direct FB comments.

Advantages of Facebook comments

  • Easy way to comment
  • Directly connect with our Facebook account
  • Has the same features as Facebook like like
  • Simple look
  • Very familiar and good for visitors who are new to the internet world

Lack of Facebook comments

  • A pretty heavy comment, because it uses a lot of External JS
  • Old school look
  • Often the target of phishing accounts
  • The account can be suspended for putting a link in the comments

Many say it's not good for SEO

Post with Disqus Comment

For comments on the blog post, you can also use the social media platform Disqus as like Facebook comment instead of the blogger default comment section.

But couldn't be loaded until you click on the show more comment button and it is good for those who are not want to see the blog comments.

Post with Sponsored Feature

A dedicated post page for sponsors, guest posts, or paid posts. You just need to add a Sponsored label to the post.

Added New Features

Every new update contains some extra additional features that you can check out listed below;

Style in Updated Post

All the post styles in this updated version have been changed and rewritten to add some new styles which you can see on the Demo.

New Ad Slot Placement

New additional ad slots are also available in the latest version including In-feed ads (ads between list posts) and Anchor ad which will only appear on mobile displays.

Slider Widget on Homepage

Newly added an image slider on the front page but it must be activated first. There are 2 versions of the slider available, namely large and mini. You can try it directly through Blogger layout.

Sponsored Special Posts

Sometimes several blogs open advertising services in the form of posts or open guest posts for fellow Bloggers.

To facilitate this feature, now added a custom post view with a slightly different layout. To activate it you just need to add a Sponsored label to your post.

Blogger Comment Pop-up

This feature was initially only available for the iMagz template but is now also available in the Fletro Pro template. You can disable this feature easily if you don't like it.

Disqus Comment On scroll

The difference with Disqus comments that are already available is that these comments will automatically be loaded when the user scrolls the page to the comments section (without the need to click the 'Show comment' button).

Support RTL Mode

This version supports the RTL mode for those who need it in their blog, So now you don't need to be worry! 

So you can easily get this theme for your website by going to JagoDesain.

They have not given much things about the new update but they have installed a demo version of it which you can see here:-

Click this button to view DEMO


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