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How to check that my Blogger website has indexed on Google search and what's the simple way to rank on Google search?

Google search console is a tool for Website developers that they can put their website on Google search through it.
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So today i will discuss that how we can check our BLOGGER website in Google search console of it is indexed or not and we will also discuss simple ways of higher rank on Google Search Console.

So let's get started.


So coming to the introductory phase we will discuss about what is Google search console in what is ranking in Google search.

Google Search Console:-

Google search console is a tool for Website developers that they can put their website on Google search through it. They can manage their website can also get the statistics of the website that is being displayed on the Google search.

Google search console has an additional feature like how many impressions clicks and what was the click through rate in the Google search of the particular website.

And now I will show you some images of Google search console and will try to to provide some more information about that.

Performance:- STATISTICS on Google Search☺️

So in the image you can see that this is the performance dashboard in Google search console near you can see labels of:-

Total Clicks:- This is the number of users which had interacted from your website from the Google Search.

Total Impression:- This is the number of users which had seen your website in the Google search but from that the CTR percentage had only click on your website.

CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR):- this can be described as from how many website your website was chosen by the user by looking onto the the logon the URL typos etc..

In now after determining the performance section we are going to the the topic of how we can submit our website in Google search console.


So for this you have to firstly go into the sitemaps section.

Now I will be displaying the sitemaps image so that you can understand it more easily.

Sitemap Google Search Console section of

Now you can determine from the image that in the sitemap section I had added three urls in the typo of my domain.

They are:-

  • sitemap.xml
  • atom.xml
  • sitemap-pages.xml

All website holders usually puts all the three type of in the sitemap section so that their website can be crawled easily by the Google Bot.

Now if you are having any errors while submitting sitemaps and not able to see the green status of SUCCESS then don't worry as it is usually the first time you had submitted your website in Google search console or or the Google bot will discover your website in a few days if your website is being listed in any other verified website.

If more of you have got such errors then comment below and I will make a separate guide on it.

Now if you have got the green status of success then you can go to the coverage section where you will see that you are our pages of website ameen separated into some units like errors valid etc..


Coverage Section Of Google Search Console of

In this section I had put in the image on the top because most of you will get this error when your website was fetched successfully.

Now if you are having such errors then you don't have to worry because this is a general problem in Google search console with many of the websites like mine also.

You only have to worry for the urls in the errors section if you have any then please try to validate it by understanding what is the problem in that specific URL.

If you have got the problem in the era section then comment below and we will make a separate guide on it.

Now for those who were asking if their website is been successfully indexed by Google or not then if you have reached till the step of coverage section then your website is being fetched by the Google bot and your website will be soon available in the Google search.

If in the Google Search you can't find your website then generally most of the people type this in the Chrome.


And now if your website is been shown in this type of URL by replacing your website address then you don't have to worry about the indexing and now you have to worry about the SEO of your website and the rich snippets visit if your website don't have one like that.

How To Rank In Google Search?

Now I will tell about what is ranking in Google search.

So if you are a beginner you must try to think that why your website will be chosen by the user in the list of search?

So for ranking in Google search you may have to write SEO friendly article and you have to do keyword placing in each of your article of the website this can lead to the googlebot to identify the quality of your website content.

Now I will say if you are copying someone then please don't do that because Google what can easily find Translated content , Spinned Content , copied content.

You can go to website which are ranking on Google about that is specific think that you are making a article on it in you can extract the headings and the better keywords then the website so that your content main rank behind or above the website.

Now you will say that how can I do keyword placing in my article?

Show the easiest answer is that type the heading of your article in the Google search and you will see that the most search results from the topic you just have to copy them and have to place them in the right it place of your article.

This is the easiest way of how to rank on google search. Now this only is not an important factor of Google ranking but also the rich snippets the SEO of your website the backlink ratio of your website the authority of your website etc.

No I will only talk about what is the fastest way to rank on google search without much hard practice.

Niche Selection:-  You must select only that niche wich you know something better and feel that you can make some great content on it. I will soon give you and list of top niches on which you can rank easily than you have expected.

Keyword ideas:- for the keyword ideas you can use the Google keyword planner tool for some paid tools like of ahref, semrush, keyword tool, etc.

Domain:- no matter if you are working on a domain or supplement but a domain get some recognition by Google but if you are going with a subdomain then you must go with blogspot subdomain as it thinks faster on Google search. In the main factor of the blogspot subdomain is that you can get AdSense approval on it and you can start earning if you are doing great on your website.

Backlinks:- If you think that your website crawl is very we can like your website calls in between 3 to 4 days then you must try to make Backlinks. If you get some do follow backlinks then your domain authority may also increase and your website will be placed on higher rank. If you want to know more about backlinks then please comment down and I will make a separate guide on it.

I hope you could understand what I had said in in the phase of Ranking on Google.

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