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[NEW] Imagz V1.25 Latest Premium Blogger Theme By Jagodesain Full Review [LATEST] Imagz

iMagz 1.25 Pro itself is truly appropriate for different specialty online journals.
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Welcome to our new post of iMagz. Today we will be going to discuss about iMagz Premium Version Blogger Template which is owned by JAGODESAIN.

They already have the Best Blogger Template Collection of:-



3)iMagz(Which we are going to talk today)

So without wasting much time let's talk about that.

Imagz Premium Blogger Template V1.25 Theme Full Review

iMagz 1.25 Pro itself is truly appropriate for different specialty online journals. This can not be isolated from the presence of a horde of highlights that will positively uphold the presentation of your blog. For instance, a blog with a news specialty you can utilize the split post component like a News site overall. To sell labor and products, the current point of arrival elements will be extremely useful in Imagz v 1.25 Landing Page Version.

Not exactly there, iMagz Pro v.1.25 made by Jagodesign likewise upholds sites with instructive specialties concerning highlights that may be extremely useful here are the Blockquote, Accordion, tables, and chapter by chapter list highlights for sure is generally called the chapter by chapter list. Particularly for web journals download, don't ask once more, this layout accompanies button support with different styles, there is likewise a spoiler include that you can use to save the secret key document.

Then, at that point, what might be said about instructional exercise writes that really need to stack coding? No compelling reason to stress over the Syntax Highlighter include prepared to show and feature the source code you composed. Multi Tab Syntax Highlighter is the fundamental elements of This topic for a contributing to a blog instructional exercise site.

Pursuing the direction of Blogger today, the Dark Mode highlight is by all accounts an absolute necessity in a format. This element is likewise kept up with 100% of the time by Muhammad Maki as the fashioner of this format. In any case, the accommodation of guests should in any case be focused on. You can peruse a few different highlights in the following heading called Features of iMagz V1.25 Blogger Theme.

iMagz v1.25 is the most recent rendition of iMagz subjects delivered by Jagodesain. iMagz topic is notable for its Landing page plan which have 7 unique sorts and extremely responsive topic and Mobile form likewise upheld. iMagz Theme has one of the most amazing UI plan, SEO agreeable, Adsense amicable, exceptionally responsive and quick stacking format.

We can say iMagz v1.25 as an across the board topic For Example, If you have a web-based advisor site you can communicate the administrations you give through the 7 different presentation pages, If you have a News or Magazine site you can utilize the Spilt post element, Tab post component or Full page mode to make easy to understand, If you have an Educational site you can utilize Blockquote, Note Block, Accordion, Tabs, Table and many highlights.

In the event that you are chipping away at Tutorials specialty where show Coding, HTML, CSS or Js You can utilize Syntax Highlighter to feature a specific code and Code box element to introduce your code so this IMgaz subject is best appropriate for instructional exercises site moreover.

These days all the moving Blogger formats support the Dark Mode to make it more easy to understand, so likewise the Designer of the picture layout has added a more obscure mode flip button through clients can switch between dull mode advertisement light mode.

iMagz is furnished with a point of arrival that can be utilized on posting pages too. The plan of this format is less difficult yet with full highlights.

The menu show is additionally separated from other templates..We're attempting to make this format simpler to alter, presently you can change tones straightforwardly by means of Blogger Theme Designer or the Layout menu.

Execution is a main concern in the formats we make, destinations that perform well enjoy many benefits and are bound to be on the first page of query items.

The design is perfectly organized, changing the size of the adaptable format to each screen and amplifying CSS execution.

Imagz is intended to be SEO well disposed, beginning with breadcrumbs and listed by Google in other markup plans. It's textual style through Blogger Theme Designer with settings gadget in shading, width and simple to change format menu. AdSense promotion spaces prepared for use in areas with high snap rates are given.

CSS and JavaScript pressure have been upgraded to diminish the size of the format for quicker stacking. Planned. With more accentuation on versatile showcases, the look has been made more current and more easy to use.

Upholds different programs like Chrome, Firefox and so forth You will get full help for multi month after buy on layout establishment issues and different issues.

In the event that you are qualified for an update, update the layout for all time, except if you introduce this format free of charge. The group bundle buy the format contains all adaptations of the bought layout, including the AMP rendition.

Imagz must be utilized by one individual (who purchased the format), not others.iMagz Template + Landing Page, Easy to Customize, Fast Loading, Key Features of iMagz Blogger Template, What Do You Get ?


1. Execution

With the right enhancement this layout can be stacked in under 1 second, we have likewise checked the stacking speed file, SEO, and availability of this format.

2. Design

They have moved a few significant highlights to the Blogger Layout menu including the presentation page so clients don't need to try to alter the HTML code of this format or have any coding information to roll out a little improvement. Albeit not entirely (there are a few elements that can not be moved to format) yet basically it makes it more straightforward for clients to utilize this layout. Counting the expansion of custom CSS that can now be straightforwardly through the Layout menu.

3. Shading

This iMagz format additionally has a CSS variable for shading composing, all shading codes are gathered in one spot, presently you don't have to try to change the shading and fortunately you can transform it straightforwardly through the Blogger Theme Designer (Blogger > The Theme > Adjust).

4. Greeting page

There are around 10 presentation page formats that you can utilize, all point of arrival designs you can alter through the Blogger Layout menu. The request for the gadget you can change as effectively as intuitive gadget blogger, you can likewise put it at the base before the footer.

Not just on the landing page, this greeting page can likewise be utilized on the post page and static page, it is appropriate for those of you who need to sell items on their own site.

5. Custom Page

This layout has a few custom pages landing page or standard pages from Blogger, yet in addition a few pages with a beberda view.

6. Blog Page

In the standard format of the landing page and file (search, mark) has a similar design, here we apply various formats to make your blog look more expert. The landing page and Blog page are isolated including mark pages that have various formats as though the principle page were independent from the blog page.

7. Portfolio Page

For those of you who have works or items sold, we likewise furnish an alternate portfolio page with designs on the standard page. Its utilization is simple, add a particular mark to your post. In the event that you have coding abilities you might have the option to alter the presence of this page as you see fit.

8. Full read Page

This component is adjusted from the blog where sidebar sections are taken out and on second thought the vacant space is more utilized as a position of rest so the eyes of blog perusers don't get drained rapidly. From the side of the blog proprietor might be lamentable sidebar that could be an opening to put advertisements disposed of. Be that as it may, as far as client experience this idea is cordial with clients or blog guests, no big surprise if huge web journals, for example, and utilize this idea.

9. Tabs Post

This component can be utilized to separate articles into segments with the idea of tabs, for instance you can apply this element to elective dialects of the article you compose.

10. Split Post

Very much like tabs post this include additionally separates the article into areas, the thing that matters is to peruse the continuation of the article the client should go to the subsequent page, etc from the post. This idea is generally utilized by WordPress-based online journals, for instance the show off web additionally utilizes highlights like this. The main disadvantage of this component is that there is no 'All-page' button to peruse the whole article without being cut.

11. Advertisement Slots

We have additionally given openings to instant promotion arrangement, you should simply add the advertisement unit code to the spot that has been given. The publicizing spaces that we have given include:

  • Tacky advertisement in sidebar
  • In-feed advertisement on blog page (2 promotions)
  • Anchor advertisement that will show up at the lower part of the blog when gotten to through versatile
  • Top and Bottom article
  • In-article or center article advertisement (2 promotions)
  • Mathed content advertisement (related promotion)

Standard Features

1. Dark Mode

In the current blog configuration patterns, for example, dull mode highlights become an unquestionable requirement on each blog, we additionally add this component to the format and not just that the shade of dim mode can likewise be changed through blogger topic architect.

2. Load More Button

The heap more button goes about as a substitute for the blogger's standard blog route button, its capacity being to stack more articles without opening another page.

In Article Features

On the article page we additionally added a few different highlights including:

1. Last Update Date

The initial segment is the article dating design that will naturally change as per the last date the article was refreshed, it will be extremely valuable to let the client know that the article he is perusing is refreshed all of the time.

2. Understanding Time

serves to ascertain the time allotment to peruse an article in view of the quantity of sections, with this highlight clients can assess how long it ought to be spent to wrap up perusing the article.

 3.To help article typography

They add a few highlights with an appealing look, all instances of its appearance you can see here, here is the full rundown:

  • Picture with Caption
  • Picture with Grid Layout
  • Picture with Scroll Layout
  • Manual Related Post
  • Post Break
  • Section with Text Indent
  • Section with Drop cap
  • Blockquote Table
  • Manual Table of Content
  • Self-loader Table of Content
  • Punctuation Highlighter
  • Show Hide Button
  • Accordion Menu
  • Note Block
  • Outside Link Button Link
  • GetLink
  • Sluggish Youtube
  • Post Reference

4. Share Button

5. Creator Profile

6. Related Posts

7. Custom Blogger Comment

Blogger comments on this template have been modified to appear more attractive, the changes we make include: 

  • Add a show/hide comment button 
  • Comment pop-ups
  • Change the comments from the longest or most recent 
  • Add timeago.js on the date of comment
  • Disqus and Facebook Comment 

As an alternative to Blogger's built-in comments, we provide comments on and facebook that you can use easily.

Widget Custom

Unlike the usual template, this widget is custom to appear different, but because the reason css code is too long we limit there are only a few widgets available, namely:

  • Blog Navigation 
  • Widget Widget Popular Posts 
  • Widget Label Widget 
  • FollowByEmail 
  • Widget Linklist

iMagz Changelog

- Update: 15 February 2021

  1. Rewrite color and background with CSS :root{}
  2. Improvements to HTML validation
  3. Addition of Blogger comment pop-ups
  4. Added Portfolio page
  5. Added Fullread feature
  6. Addition of In-Feed Ads and Anchor ads
  7. Added several new writing styles
  8. Moving the landing page feature to Blogger Layout
  9. Added new widgets (Label, Linklist and FollowbyEmail)
  10. Added new version of global Google Analytics code

- Update: February 17, 2021

  1. Fixed dark mode color
  2. Fixes to loadmore . button
  3. Fixed page static
  4. Fixed ad unit widget not showing
  5. Improvements to automatic ToC

Common questions about iMagz V1.25

*Some frequently asked questions may be in your mind.

Can the template be used for multiple blogs/domains?

You can only use this template for a maximum of 3 domains

Will it get updates?

You only need to pay once on the first purchase and you are entitled to a template update forever

Is it possible to buy templates jointly?

Joint purchases are no longer valid, They provide affordable prices for all circles, templates with similar features are sold more expensively in other markets

Are there any refunds?

Sorry but there are no refunds because what we sell are digital products which can be copied / reproduced without limits, not physical products

So you can easily get this theme for your website by going to JagoDesain.

They have not given much things about the new update but they have installed a demo version of it which you can see here:-

Click this button to view DEMO



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