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Blogger's Guide Through Google Web Stories - Try Make Stories

Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web, which allows you to tap or swipe through stories.
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Hello Bloggers,

Today we are going to discuss about a very important topic that has recently been seen in Google Widgets which will make your traffic burst on your website and double your earnings.

Yeah, you heard right!

So, Today I will tell you how to Get started with WebStories on Blogger and get them monetized, and set them up.

Introduction: Getting Started with WebStories on Blogger with monetization and setup guide -

The best and simplest way to bring organic traffic from Google Web Stories to the blog is because here only a blogger can create the story and share the link to the article so that the audience will visit your blog.

In such a situation, it is important to know How to make WebStories on Blogger, if you want to know and learn about How to make simple WebStories on Googler, then you have come to the right place. Here you have been given information about creating Google Web Stories on Blogger in detail.

To create blogger google web stories, you have to understand what is Google Web Stories? Where does it look? And how is it made? What are web stories for this?

Web Stories Introduction:

Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web, which allows you to tap or swipe through stories. To consume content, you can tap or swipe through Web Stories. Google supports Web Stories, so you might find them across Google Search and Discover.

WebStories are just like motion posters where we can either as a video or photo with some texts, effects, news, etc.

WebStories must be like headlines and must be attractive so that users click on them.

WebStories SEO is also important to be known.

Now let's talk about how Blogger Google Web Stories is made? 

Which will bring a lot of traffic to the blog.

Web Stories is a feature of Google, which has been launched by Google, and web stories can be published. 

You can see this feature on the main page of Google.

It is a visual storytelling format that can be viewed by the user. It is like the stories feature of Instagram and Youtube, meaning the story is also seen on Google.

Here you got the information on web stories, in short, if you want to know in detail about WebStories then these web stories must be seen by clicking on them.

Let us now know how to create web stories on blogger, bring information in Hindi, and traffic from Google to your blog.

A separate platform website has been developed to create web stories in Blogger, with the help of which Google Web Stories are created. Blogger is a product of Google, so we can trust it.

To create a web story on Blogger, there is a website by Make Stories which works just like the web stories plugin of WordPress.

Here also you get a dashboard for editing.

Let us understand in detail how to create an account on making stories, follow the steps given below, and learn how to create a web store for a blogger.

Step 1.

First of all, open the Make Stories website by searching Google and click on the signup for free button and create your account from google account, which is very simple.

Step 2.

Then you will directly reach the Dashboard of Make Stories. This dashboard will look exactly like a dashboard with the WordPress web stories plugin.

Step 3.

The option of Create New Story will appear above on the left side, click on it. Here the editor section is available to create the story, from where you can make the story more and more attractive.

Here you get all kinds of tools like Background, Template, Text, Layers, Media Library in the serial, which helps a lot in making a great story for the blog, they have been told in short above.

Step 4.

Create a good story with the help of all these tools and use 6 to 7 pages in at least one story, that means creating a story of 6 to 7 pages only.

After creating, you can simply see its preview. See the preview If something is missing, improve it, then publish it by clicking on the publish button.

Make Stories Website Dashboard Information

Make Stories is the only site used to create google web stories for bloggers. But it is important to have information about its dashboard, only then can you upload it by creating web stories in Hindi.

Make stories provides a free service to design and upload the story as well as there are many tools in it, which is useful in creating an attractive story.

But only the right knowledge will help in making a better story, so read and know the information on the topic Make Stories Dashboard is given below. Below is the image of the Make Stories Dashboard, let us know it topic-wise.

1.Create New Stories Option

The option of Create New Story is available before the Dashboard, from here the Story is created. Simply after clicking on it, the editor section opens where a lot of tools are available to edit the story and make it attractive.

The complete information about the editor section of Make Stories has also been told in detail in the following headings, definitely read and learn.

2.Stories Option

This is the main page of the dashboard. When you create the story, the list of all the stories will appear here. Meaning all the stories you create will be visible to bloggers on this main page.

From here you can view, edit, delete, share or preview it again by clicking directly on the story, its real image is given below.

3.General SEO Settings

This is the most important point because here the SEO setting of the stories has to be done, which also has a positive effect on the stories. In the general setting, you have to enter your basic and informative details like author type, name, branding, and typography and other settings are very important to adjust.

We have covered all the main points, now it is necessary to implement them in your story which will increase the traffic to the blog.

Conclusion- How to make WebStories on Blogger

In this article, you learned how to get Started with WebStories on Blogger with a monetization and setup guide which Google gives is the best way to bring organic traffic in the coming times. If you have some knowledge in starting itself, then you will not face any problems later.

That's why we have told today's topic of Getting Started with WebStories on Blogger with monetization and setup guide in detail and I hope you liked the article as well as understood the topic.

If you have any issues or questions, then you can follow us by commenting and if you have any suggestions for me, then definitely tell me, and we will implement them in the article. 

About the Author

Hi, I am Anand Nawal and my motive is to give you the best guide over your Query☺️

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