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Google Search Console and Blogger - The Integration Part

Whenever you search on Google there are many different websites which come on top and many which come on bottom basically this ranking depends.
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Search Console and Blogger

Welcome to this website and today I am going to tell you that how you can add your website to Google search console.

It may be that you don't know what is Google search console or what is indexing for maybe what is ranking on Google 

So let's start over post like quick introduction part of this post.

Introduction to Google Rank -

Whenever you search on Google there are many different websites which come on top and many which come on bottom basically this ranking depends upon how is your content and what is your SEO standard and on the basis of this Google ranks or website to the user so that user can get quality content.

There are many Google ranking factors but we will talk about this in some other article and now I will like to move towards what is indexing and the search console.

Introduction to Google Search Console and Indexing -

Basically indexing means that the content of your website is scanned by the Googlebot and the Googlebot decides what is your content quality and it compares it with another website and the AI takes the hand upon ranking on Google on which different factors determine the ranking or the position.

For this Google Search Console provides us the service to let Google Bot know about our website.

So, if you pass this SSL process then surely you will get good ranking - NOT HIGH RANKING 🙂...

Indexing includes various things like - Schema Markup Validation , Theme Markups ,Referring Pages , Content Structure , Waterfall onLoad and absolutely the content with keyword density and others...

How to index a newly added site/post fastly?

Ok, I know some ways which can help.

Firstly, make backlinks from such pages which are recently iced by Google or they are taking on Top 10 on your keywords.

Secondly, use pinging tools which are available on internet. You can use these and make indexing faster. Just search for website pinging tools on Google.

Thirdly, Manual Submit in search console by going to search and inspecting the url itself.

Ask the above methods are for newly added posts or for newly indexing blogs.

How to get rid of Google Search Console Errors?


Here are some of those errors:

  • Server Error (5xx) -

Your server returned a 500-level error when the page was requested.

A 500 error means that something has gone wrong with a website’s server that prevented it from fulfilling your request. In this case, something with your server prevented Google from loading the page.

Contact Hosting by checking manually first.

  • Redirect Error

The URL was a redirect error. Could be one of the following types: it was a redirect chain that was too long; it was a redirect loop; the redirect URL eventually exceeded the max URL length; there was a bad or empty URL in the redirect chain.

Solve it by removing all the url redirects between initial and final destination.

  • Blocked by robots.txt

You submitted this page for indexing, but the page is blocked by robots.txt. Try testing your page using the robots.txt tester.

For this check on blogger at -

Or search on Google about robots.txt validation..

  • Marked 'noindex'

You submitted this page for indexing, but the page has a ‘noindex’ directive either in a meta tag or HTTP response. If you want this page to be indexed, you must remove the tag or HTTP response.

You have to remove it manually by going to>settings>home-page-tags,archive-tags,post-tags

  • Soft 404

You submitted this page for indexing, but the server returned what seems to be a soft 404.

This error can be solved by either making the pages 404 or removing them.

  • Unauthorized request (401)

You submitted this page for indexing, but Google got a 401 (not authorized) response. Either remove authorization requirements for this page, or else allow Googlebot to access your pages by verifying its identity.

It comes where login-logout system is required to view the post. No, i can't even find a solution for it🥲

  • Not Found (404)

You submitted a non-existent URL for indexing.

Just update your sitemap.xml file ( auto in blogger so no problem)

  • Crawl Issue

You submitted this page for indexing, and Google encountered an unspecified crawling error that doesn’t fall into any of the other reasons. Try debugging your page using the URL Inspection tool.

Use less Javascript with less render blocking so that Google can load it.

Google Search Console and Blogger - Conclusion

So, that's all for today and I hope you got your answers about Google search console .

Thanks for reading and don't forget to rate our posts and please comment below about your experience and errors🙂.


About the Author

Hi, I am Anand Nawal and my motive is to give you the best guide over your Query☺️

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