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How to Install Template in Blogger : could not restore problem

Welcome to our blog and today we are discussing a very important topic which is very common error and now we will be eliminating this from it's root.
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Welcome to our blog and today we are discussing a very important topic which is very common error and now we will be eliminating this from it's root.

Just read below 2 ways in which you can easily remove this error and successfully install the Blogger Template.

So let's start with a quick introduction of what is Blogger and what is Blogger Themes and Template ?

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a Google product which provides a hosting and CMS service to all newcomers on their website and share a free to use CMS and hosting which is infact a very good start and helping a billions of blogs to start.

We will talk in detail about this in some other article.

What is Blogger Theme or Template?

The blogger template is the core of a website page itself hosted on blogger. The template is a design/mockup that is ready to use, and in the template there are features that make us more effective in managing the blog template and the new series and stuff can be added to it.

The point is Blogger Templates are very effective for us to use in managing our blogs in terms of appearance and layout and they are the whole design of our website.

Each nicely designed and well used blogger template is not more than 2 MB (Till far i have seen 🙂)

How to Install Template in blogger : could not restore problem 

So we have 2 methods in which we can solve this theme restore error.

Let's see what is better for you or not..

1) File Restore your blogger Theme from Restore Button 

Steps to restore blogger template through this method are below-
  1. Go to
  2. Go to themes section and click on 🔽 icon
  3. Then click on RESTORE and select the theme which you download below these steps - blank.xml .
  4. Then after it successfully restore again restore your theme with the Theme which was having error before in restoring.
  5. Woah! It's done.

Download the blank theme for blogger to restore blogger templates

Click on the below button to download the blank.xml theme to restore the blogger template.

2) Edit HTML direct method which I do

Steps to do this HTML edit directly when you have a XML file ( mostly hard for mobile users)
  1. Go to
  2. And load theme from your .xml files and copy the whole code displayed.
  3. Then go to
  4. Click on 🔽 icon and then EDIT HTML and select all the code and paste the copied code.
  5. Click on 3 dot and save your theme.
  6. Woah! Completed...
So that's how we can restore blogger template without errors.

How to Install Template in blogger : could not restore problem - Conclusion 

So that's all for today's post and I hope your this type of error is perfectly solved. 

If you still have questions regarding this topic How to Install Template in blogger : could not restore problem then comment below.


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