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[Latest] Igniplex V2.6 Blogger Template Free Download

Igniplex is the one of popular and most demanding Blogger template as well as it has ultra fast loading speed and responsiveness that make it complete
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Igniplex V2.6 Blogger Template - Introduction

Igniplex is among the top BlogSpot template suggestions. In line with the tagline, to provide better user experience, I developed my own Igniplex Premium Blogger Theme to make it easy for users to use. The layout is simple, minimal, clear and doesn’t have a lot of distractions like accessories. The menu navigation is simple and navigation isn’t a hassle.

Igniplex is one such blogger template that is a great template for all sites. You can try using this template once. I have explained all the features of this template in detail below, so please read the post till the end.

Igniplex is a professional and highly optimized Blogger template. It is also very fast, powerful, and fully customizable. Igniplex are optimized with the best SEO technologies and are fully compatible with Google Adsense. This template will allow you to create your own amazing and professional website in minutes.

Igniplex Premium Blogger Template Features

  • Highly Responsive
  • Custom Footer Copyright
  • Ultra-Fast Loading
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fixed Sidebar and Sticky Sidebar Options
  • AdSense Friendly
  • Dark mode inbuild
  • Multi-tab Script Box Script Box built-in
  • Lazyload Support
  • Google Tool Validator
  • Section Featured Posts
  • Auto Read More with Thumbnail
  • Ad slot Slots Available
  • Advance Social Share Buttons
  • A responsive menu and layout
  • RTL Support
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Responsive Footer
  • Sticky Bottom Sticky Ads
  • 404 Error page
  • AdSense Ads Friendly

Igniplex V2.6 Blogger Template - Why to choose?

This template can be used to be used in many areas. Consider it your personal blog, news, tutorials and so on.

This is the most recent version of the Igniplex Blogger Theme. The theme offers a premium blog Experience. This theme comes with an elegant design and a clean Professional appearance.

Igniplex V2.6 Blogger Template - Table Features

Layout v3 and Widget v2True
Personal BlogTrue
Super LightTrue
Seo ReadyTrue
Ad Position GuideTrue
Back to Top ButtonTrue
Footer MenuTrue
Social Share CounterTrue
Anti AdBlockTrue
Sticky WidgetTrue
Valid Google Structured DataTrue
Mobile Friendly and ResponsiveTrue
Related PostTrue
Auto Responsive Video YoutubeTrue
Custom Page ErrorTrue


v2.6 (21 May 2020)

  • Font change from Poppins to Manrope
  • Lazy loading comments. New comment script is called when the article has reached the final scroll limit
  • Change the desktop version of the navigation menu to extend to the side
  • Can choose navigation: infinite scroll or numbered pages
  • Removes Blogger's default script without breaking comments or other widgets
  • Display the publication date of the article on the homepage
  • Change image `noimage`
  • The ifam will not exceed the post limit
  • Added a share telegram button (shown on mobile only)
  • Change the position of the author at the end of the article
  • Changes to widget design in sidebar, footer, and middlebar
  • Re-appearing post descriptions in the Featured Post widget
  • Other minor changes in terms of appearance and script to be more minimalist

v2.5 (10 December 2019)

  • Fixed redirect issue
  • Fixed duplicate meta description issue
  • Fixed sticky sidebar issue
  • Fixed related post not showing if there is a label containing the symbol `&`
  • Fixed related post (URL that is currently open will not appear in the list of related posts)
  • Fixed photo captions that are too long (it will be automatically cropped)
  • Adding 'image' and 'noimage' features in the middle of the article and below the article related post
  • Removal of the `counter` feature on social media shares due to restrictions from Facebook
  • Change font
  • Added middlebar and random post feature on Homepage
  • Added Lazy Load AdSense feature
  • Change numbered page to infinite scroll
  • Fixed meta tags and open graph
  • Improved data structure and semantic HTML5 tags
  • Change image `noimage`
  • Change the appearance of sharing to social media
  • Change the appearance of the author box
  • Changes to 404 error page display
  • Change the appearance of blockquotes
  • Change the appearance of the table
  • Change the appearance of comments
  • Other minor appearance changes

v2.4 (10 August 2019)

  • Changes to more SEO meta tags
  • Fixed 'noindex' in Search Console
  • Can choose the number of grids 1 or 2 on the mobile display (homepage only)
  • Can choose to omit 'Date' and 'Comments' which are simply set from Layout
  • Can choose to use 'Navigation Page with Title' (Next / Prev) or not in posts
  • Remove 'First' and 'Last' in 'Numbered Page Navigation'
  • Change font type
  • Change post title background color
  • Change of 'Back to Top' icon
  • Change the 'Loading' icon on the large slider (carousel)
  • Change background color 'Blockquote'
  • Change the 'Also Read' background color in the article
  • Change the 'Popular Post' widget design
  • Changes to the 'Recent Post' widget design
  • Replacing the 'Blogger' icon with the 'Pinterest' icon in the top menu
  • Added 'Facebook Messenger' share button (only appears in mobile version)
  • Simplification of writing CSS and HTML code
  • Other display changes

v2.3 (11 February 2019)

  • Fixed label widget
  • Removal of 'Google Plus' social media icon
  • Added 'Blogger' social media icon in profile navigation menu
  • Added 'Follow' icon in profile navigation menu
  • Change the dropdown menu
  • Changes to the 'search' menu in the header
  • Improved HTML structure

v2.2 (14 January 2019)

  • Ads will not appear on static pages and in search results pages
  • Added a large slider at the top
  • Added social share + Tumblr counter
  • Added auto responsive Youtube video script
  • Added Youtube social media icon in navigation menu
  • Fixed images not showing when shared on Pinterest
  • Improved the position of the middle of the article
  • Fixed dropdown menu
  • Other display changes (minor)

v2.1 (1 January 2019)

  • Share buttons to social media float
  • Added 970 x 250 large Billboard ad slot
  • Added a "Subscribe via Email" box in the post
  • Restriction of header image / logo size so as not to spoil the navigation display
  • Added blue tick icon in admin comments
  • Added a "no script" warning notification (if Javascript is disabled in the browser)
  • Adding a "no image" image to a related post
  • Added a big title
  • Added "Download" and "Demo" buttons
  • Fixed dropdown menu
  • Fixed pen-clickable header widget the rules.
  • Fixed mobile display that is less responsive if the blog is advertised
  • Improved display of large popular post widget
  • Fixed meta tags
  • Improved label display

v2 (20 December 2018)

Major update and major overhaul, in terms of appearance, script, and so on.

v1 (13 June 2016)


Igniplex V2.6 Blogger Template - Download and Demo Link -

Download V2.6 version of Igniplex without license-

Igniplex V2.6 Blogger Template Nulled

Demo of v2.6 version of Igniplex Blogger Template-

Igniplex v2.6 Demo

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