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ModDroid Theme v5.8 Free WordPress Apk Template Nulled Version []

Moddroid V5.2 Theme is a WordPress Plugin and Themes combo that helps you to post APKs easily and quickly. You no longer need to look for another them
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Moddroid V5.8

Do you want to create stunning APK download website on WordPress?

Just link pasting work and you don't have to do anything in order to write any article!

Then this ModDroid Theme is yours and today I am going to give this good Apk Download WordPress Theme for free.

So let's start,

Moddroid V5.8 Theme - Introduction

Moddroid V5.8 Theme is a WordPress Plugin and Themes combo that helps you to post APKs easily and quickly. You no longer need to look for another theme because Moddroid already have a special Theme bundled with an attractive appearance.

We have been experimenting trial and error all the time so that Moddroid V5.8 products are created bundled from Plugins to Themes, so you don’t need to bother looking for themes that are suitable for your website. Simply install the plugin and do the 3 steps to start posting your APK.

The version of this WordPress theme is 5.2 and the Moddroid V5.8 theme is developed using excellent code quality and design needs. This WordPress theme is also great for people who are looking to adapt the website to the needs of users.

Moddroid is created to meet the best user experience for end users.

Moddroid Is a good quality Premium WordPress Theme. Using this Theme, you can create a professional Android APK Downloading Website and this theme has a number of features that will help make your content writing quality easier.

By following just a few steps, You will be able to copy up to 1000 apks from the play store to your website in just a short time. In just a few days, with a little effort, You can create your own website, Just Like The Moddroid.Co Website. But for this, You need to use moddroid premium wordpress theme.

If you want to make android apk downloading website then you can use this theme. Because it’s not just a theme but a plugin. This theme includes some default plugin systems that will allow you to Write Posts Related To Your APK.

Moddroid V5.8 Theme - Features

Provides many cool and interesting features that will help you create and manage website content in a very magical way.

Among the features available are:

  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive
  • RTL (right-to-left) mode RTL DEMO
  • Extract Data From Google Play Store
  • Content that is generated automatically or content that is manually posted
  • Download this page
  • Automatic Categorization
  • Widget for Featured Games or Apps
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Quick Loading
  • Page Navigation by Number
  • Ready for AdSense
  • Buttons for Social Sharing
  • Page with the Most Popular Games and Apps
  • Schemes Software Apps Automatic Post Generation
  • A collection of millions of Extractor APK Information’s App that are ready to launch and function to make automatic posts and articles.
  • Automatic Category Post There is no need to manually create categories because this theme will do it for you.
  • Automate the creation of download links from other sources. not use the playstore to create apk download redirect links
  • Download this page The download page (page download link) has the highest likelihood of displaying banner adverts like AdSense.
  • Intelligent Download Timing This clever feature prohibits other websites from using your blog’s download link.
  • Redirect url for apk extractor that isn’t saving to your host
Perfectly Structured Data - Check

Mobile-Friendly Design - Check


Extract Apk and Grab From Google Play Store

Grab Images from Extractor APK

Automatic Generate Content / Manual Content

Own Image or Hotlink Image

Page Download

Category Otomatis

SEO Friendly

Featured Game or Apps Widget


Fast Loading

Numbered Page Navigation

Adsense Ready

Social Share Buttons

Google Play and Download Buttons

Most Popular Games & Apps Page


Recent Posts Widget

Well Documentation

Automatic Generate Post A collection of millions of Extractor APK App IDs that are ready to run to create automatic posts, work to create automatic articles.

Campaign for Autoblog Take control of automatic article scheduling through a campaign that can schedule posts based on minute settings.

One Click Grab Apps ID It's easy to get the apps ID from the Extractor APK for the purpose of making automatic posts.

Bulk Post Apps You can immediately publish thousands of articles with one click and automatically create articles.

Filter Grab Apps by Category To get apps data by app category.

Automatic Category Post No need to manually create categories, because Moddroid will create categories automatically according to the campaign.

Get Apps by Search Search for applications in the Extractor APK by name, then one click you get the APP ID.

Auto Generate Download LINK's feature that makes Moddroid able to create automatic download links according to each APK.

Page Download The download page (page download link) has the most chance of placing banner ads such as Adsense.

Customize Post Templates Create templates for automatic articles, custom with the source code that we have provided on the post template page.

Save Image in Sarver / Hotlink Image You can choose to save the image on the server or just use a hotlink. Save image in server is recommended to strengthen website SEO. but if your hosting only has a little disk, you can activate the HOTLINK image feature.

Smart Download Timing This smart feature prevents other web sites from being able to use the download link from your blog. because the download link continues to change automatically every 24 hours.

Free WordPress Themes to make web downloads look cooler, we have provided wp themes that are suitable for use with Moddroid Themes Premium. And this theme we provide free for you.

FREE Update & Support Don't be confused if there are problems with Themes, because it can be resolved by updating to the new version, or we can also support problems with our products.

Moddroid V5.8 Theme - What's Unique

Yes, the Moddroid Premium Theme V5.8 zip file makes the Moddroid Premium Unique Website. It contains the Apk Extractor Tool which can be used to extract information about any app from many stores to combine and publish on your blog.

Moddroid V5.8 Theme - Steps for Content 

1. Select APK What You Want

There are millions of applications available in your WordPress dashboard! You simply choose the APK you want to post.

2. Start to Publish The Content

Moddroid will automatically retrieve data from trusted sources for your APK article.

3. Articles Are Available You can immediately check the application article that you choose and you can start publishing your site.

Moddroid V5.8 Theme - Search Tags

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Moddroid V5.8 Theme - Download Guide and Distribution

Moddroid V5.8 Theme Buying Link:-

Click here:

Moddroid V5.8 WordPress Apk Download
Theme Latest

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contained any virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost by their website

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  1. We want 5play 3.4 . template
  2. please share 5.9 version of Moddroid theme
    1. Sir,
      At this time the 5.9 version is mainly available on yukapo resource..
      Please wait for some more time for public launch of null version...
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