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5 Important Tools Every Content Writer Should Know

Here are the 5 important tools as per my experience and usage which are important for every content writer.
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As content writers, we need a lot of tools to complete our daily tasks as soon as possible and reduce our workload. 

5 Important Told for Content Writers

I have been in the blogging field for more than 5 years and still doing it, I had almost used hundreds of tools that are necessary for a content writer.

And in this particular blog post, I will share 5 important tools as per my experience and usage which are important for every content writer.

We’re gonna talk about tools for writing, designing, taking notes, keyword research, and image tools.

So without further talks let’s get started with the writing tool,


You might be familiar with this tool as this is one of the most used one and most promoted ones.

Grammarly is an AI tool that helps you in fixing grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in your content.

No doubt Grammarly is one of the best writing tools that I personally use to write all of my content. In fact, the one you are reading is also written with the help of Grammarly.

It’s necessary to provide easy-to-understand content to your blog readers, and this tool is really helpful to do so.

Well, it has a free account or chrome extension that allows you to fix the spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes that are more than enough.

But, if you want to use their premium services for more additional benefits then you can use them.

Click here to Try Grammarly for Free

Word Counter

Another important writing tool every content writer need is a word counter tool.

You might be thinking that why it is an important tool? 

We create and publish content on the internet and to rank higher on the search engine results pages we need to write in-depth and lengthy content.

Also if you work as a freelance content writer then your clients always tell you to write a minimum amount of words and we don’t need to invest our money in buying such tools as we just need to count the number of words.

So you can use RaptorKit’s word counter online tool to count the number of words, characters with & without spaces, and paragraphs in your article for free.

Use RaptorKit Online Word Counter Tool

Figma or Canva

Talking about my best graphic design go-to tool is Figma.

Each and every social media kit of mine is designed with Figma only, whether it is an infographic, promotional banners, my YouTube channel thumbnails, or any other graphic image. 

I use Figma for all of my graphic design work, but the only demerit of Figma is that you can’t use it properly on mobile, and the best alternative for this is Canva.

So, you can use both Figma and Canva for your graphic works.

Try Figma for Free or Canva for Free

Canva Pro Trial for 1 Year! Click To Get

Keyword Finder [KW TOOLS] 

Every time you get content writing work or you write content for your own blog.

You must need to do some keyword research to find out the Best Low-competition Keywords that can help you to rank higher on SERPs and you able to drive organic traffic to your blog.

There are hundreds of keyword tools available on the internet but one of the best tools is KW Finder by Mangools, this tool allows you to get CPC, monthly search volume, SEO difficulty, and much more metrics.

Well, it is a paid tool but they also allow a free trial so you can use their services and renew it if you want to continue.

Also if you don’t want to spend a single penny on those tools then you can try the free keyword research tool by RaptorKit to get some metrics like monthly search volume, CPC, and paid difficulty of a keyword for free with unlimited usage.

If you want to learn keyword research then check out this How to Find Low Competition Keywords guide by me.

Use RaptorKit Free Keyword Tool or Try KW Finder for Free

WebP Converter

Sometimes we need to add many high-quality images & other infographics to our content to support it and make it easier to understand.

But adding those high-quality images to your website may slow down your website that can create a severe impact on SEO & rankings of your website.

And Google itself recommends using a next-generation image format that is WebP.

So you can convert your JPG, PNG, or any other format image into WebP format.

The benefit of using the WebP format is that it reduces the size of the Original image by 80%, with a 0% loss in the quality of the image.

You can use a free tool like RaptorKit image converter to convert any image into WebP or any other format like JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP in a few clicks.

Use Free WebP Converter Online

That’s all in this article I hope this was very helpful for you and don’t forget to share it with your content writer friends to help them too.


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