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How to add AdSense Multiple Click Protection Script in Plus UI for free

I will tell you how you can restrict your users to click on ads multiple times so that your CTR doesn't go too much higher and your AdSense becomes sa
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Hello friends and welcome to our new article in today I will tell you how you can restrict your users to click on ads multiple times so that your CTR doesn't go too much higher and your AdSense becomes safe.

AdSense Click Protection Script for Plus UI

Note: This Script Only works for Plus UI Blogger Template by FineShop Design.

As you know that in this blogging areas there are many haters which think in negative purpose which leads to defamation of both the competitors.

I had also faced this problem in the last 3 months so that's why I am using a special  JavaScript so that whenever any user clicks multiple times then the ads will stop to load for that user.

Our script is based on Cookies so it's not that much effective but it will work in a very good way by disabling Ads for those users.

The whole credit for all these codes goes to FineShop Design and we are writing this post after confirmation of FineShop Design to use the codes that they have given to us.

So let's start this tutorial so that you can protect your website from invalid clicks and enjoy the whole amount of earning that you have done without any deductions by AdSense.

Note: This Script Only works for Plus UI Blogger Template by FineShop Design.

How to add Click Protection Script in Plus UI theme?

Step-1: Go to > Themes > 🔽 > Edit HTML...

Step-2 : Find </head> or &lt;/head&gt; and paste the below code above the head tag.
<script>/*<![CDATA[*//* Max Clicks by FD & AN */ function mxAdCl(){var aFcss=document.createElement('style');aFcss.textContent='.adsbygoogle, .blogAd, .ancrA, HTML91,  HTML92,  HTML93,  HTML94,  HTML95, HTML96{display:none ! important}';document.head.appendChild(aFcss)}; if(Pu.gC('ADS_FD')!=undefined){if(parseInt(Pu.gC('ADS_FD'))>=1){mxAdCl()}};/*]]>*/</script>
Step-3 : Now find </body> or &lt;/body&gt; and paste the below code above the body tag..

/* Adsense Max Click by FD & AN */ !function(){function o(e,n){return null!=(e=Pu.gC(e))&&parseInt(e)>=n}var s="ADS_FD",e=".adsbygoogle";o(s,3)&&(PuSet.adsenseAds.publisherId=""),0<qSell(e).length&&qSell(e).forEach(e=>{e.addEventListener("click",function(){var e,n;o(s,3)?(console.log("Don't Click on Ads"),mxAdCl()):(e=s,null!=(n=Pu.gC(e))?(n=parseInt(n)+1,Pu.sC(e,n.toString(),{secure:!0,"max-age":3600})):Pu.sC(e,"1",{secure:!0,"max-age":3600}))})}),window.addEventListener("blur",function(){o(s,3)&&(mxAdCl());for(var e,n,l=qSell(".adsbygoogle iframe"),t=0;t<l.length;t++)document.activeElement==l[t]&&(o(s,3)?(console.log("Don't Click on Ads"),mxAdCl()):(e=s,null!=(n=Pu.gC(e))?(n=parseInt(n)+1,Pu.sC(e,n.toString(),{secure:!0,"max-age":3600})):Pu.sC(e,"1",{secure:!0,"max-age":3600})))})}();

Step-4 : Click on Menu and Save the Theme and Hurray you have successfully implemented a Click Protection Script to your Website.


In the end I will say that these codes given by FineShop Design will help all Plus UI users to get those earnings well which they are entitled of for their HardWork.

Any type of Recreation or false use of these codes without Proper Credits and a link to us will result in a strict DMCA which can even Result in removal of your WebSite from Search Console...

Note: This Script Only works for Plus UI Blogger Template by FineShop Design.

Reason Behind making of this Script 

As you see nowadays the new competitors of our website are using a very bad practice of clicking on over website ads so that our AdSense gets disabled and we end of our website using so much of our hard work behind this.

All though I have verified that AdSense define these codes as a positive aspect for their publishers and also this will make your website protected from invalid clicks and you will never get ad limits if your website traffic is even for bots also.

The only thing is this that this script is based upon Cookies so there maybe some hackers who can randomise their Cookies and reload the website and click on our ads so the only method from which we can disable this is by disabling over ads for sometime.

Based on True Events 😂 - AnandNawal , FineshopDesign & House Pf Blogger and many more...

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How to protect AdSense Invalid Clicks in Blogger?

We are introducing a script to disable ads for users who click our ads and after specific clicks add will stop appearing to them. This is Possible in Plus UI so you have to buy the Theme.

How to disable Ads via JS?

By using some CSS and JS combo we can easily disable ads with some conditions and implement AdsBlocking script easily..

How to buy Plus UI?

Plus UI blogger template can be purchased via Contacting Fineshop Design and the respective Team Members which will provide you license and Theme in exchange for 699₹ (10$ Outside India)...

  1. Custom Footer Credits
  2. One Time Payment
  3. Single Blog License
  4. 1 Month Premium Support

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