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5 Best video editing apps for Android

Video Editors are basically setting the video you create so as to make it able to be optimised and can be easy to understand. There may be many uses..
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 Are You looking for best video editing app to edit videos on your android mobile then this blog post will help you a lot.☺️

In this blog post I have written about
5 Best video editing apps for Android along with their pros and cons. Using this article you can easily decide the best video editing app according to your needs. So let's began the article 


Kinemaster Video Editor

Kinemaster is one of the best and top android apps in the list of video editing apps available for Android. Using kinemaster users can edit videos like professional editing because of useful tools provided in the app. Because of useful features like chroma key, multi layer editing, video export options kinemaster is bestKinemaster is the best video editing app for making YouTube video, short videos for YouTube and Reel videos for Instagram.

Pros of Kinemaster

  1. App provides 16:9, 1:1 etc video editing ratio.
  2. 3000+ Addons font images available in stores.
  3. Users can remove background green or blue screens easily.
  4. Export maximum in 2k 30 fps  quality supported 

Cons of Kinemaster

  1. Premium cost around 5$/Monthly
  2. Watermark in exported video [in free]
  3. Not support 4K video editing 

Alight Motion 

Alight Motion Video Editor

Alight Motion is also one of the Best video editing software available for Android. With Alight Motion app users can edit multi layer editing easily in android mobile. Features like chroma key, vector graphics, etc are most useful for video editors.Alight Motion is useful for graphical video editing and users can use alight Motion to edit Instagram reels videos and YouTube shorts video.

Pros of Alight Motion

  1. In Alight Motion supports 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 4:3,1:1 etc video ratio.
  2. Vector graphics feature available
  3. Export video in maximum quality 1080p 60fps possible.
  4. Colour adjustment feature.
  5. Share project in XML format 

Cons of Alight Motion

  1. Premium cost around 5$ month
  2. Many of features not available in free version
  3. Watermark in exported video.
  4. Application lags while exporting video

Power Director 

Power Director Video Editor

In this list of Best video editing apps for Android Power director is the only app which supports 4k video editing and export options. Powerdirector has a very simple and good interface for video editing. On Play Store power Director is having 4.4 Star rating and power Director is 3rd best video editing app available in play store.

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Power director is the best option for editing YouTube videos. Because the 4k export feature helps YouTube videos get more reach.

Pros of Power Director 

  1. Support 4K video editing.
  2. Supported video ratio are 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 4:3,1:1
  3. Supports multi layer Editing
  4. No watermark like other apps
  5. Having so Many Addons like transitions, effects,etc.

Cons of Power Director

  1. To much ads in free version
  2. 60fps for 4k export option not available
  3. Sometimes Video lags after exporting. 


InShot Video Editor

Inshot is the best video editing app for short video editing which are having duration around 30s-60s. Inshot app has key frame features which will make your video so cool and attractive and just another feature, audio editing will help to edit voice and music too.Inshot app is mostly used for Instagram reels and videos of which have short duration.

Pros of Inshot 

  1. Very simple and attractive user interface
  2. Picture in picture mode available
  3. Many video effects and super transitions feature available.
  4. No Watermark

Cons of Inshot

  1. Less export options

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Vita Video Editor

Vita is an Indian video editing app which has a lot of features, options and effects etc. Vita is known for its many features. Most people use the vita app for making short duration videos for Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

  Pros of VITA 

  1. Lots of features for editing video 
  2. Amazing effects,audio music,text effects available for free 
  3. Remove watermark without premium 
  4. 60 fps editing supported
  5. No ads

Cons of VITA

  1. Very complicated interface
  2. In Export options 4k not available 

Thanks For reading this article may you have got the proper information about best video editing apps for Android. The video editing apps which are mentioned above are very useful in different fields like YouTube, Instagram video editing, short Video editing.

A great thanks to you for reading this ☺️Regards Anand Nawal


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