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Google Adsense Common Guides #1 - Tips and Tricks

Before connecting a blog to a Google Adsense account, there are several things that must be considered. The goal is to increase the chances of our req
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Google AdSense Common Guides for Easy Approval
Google AdSense Common Guides for Easy Approval 2022

The saddest thing is when you already have a blog, but every time you ask for a review on Google Adsense it is always rejected. Then what is the solution to this problem?

Before connecting a blog to a Google Adsense account, there are several things that must be considered. The goal is to increase the chances of our request being accepted and minimize repeated rejections by AdSense.

Common Google Adsense Tricks

There are tricks that are generally used by most people to connect Adsense, including:

1. Use a Custom Domain

Using a Custom Domain or Top Level Domain (TLD) not only serves to shorten the Blog URL address, but can also increase Google's trust so that our requests are approved faster (Approved).

There are lots of Custom Domains that we can use, including .com, .id,, .xyz,, and others. In fact, there are many Domain providers that sell them at low prices, such as Namecheap, GoDaddy, BlueHost, and so on.

2. Use Responsive Templates

Blogger templates greatly affect the appearance of the article page, loading speed, widget position, ad placement, and other features. It's a good idea to use a premium template that has guaranteed performance, style, and responsive features that change according to the user's device.

3. Create a Creative Page

Google pays great attention to user privacy policies. That's why every time we use Google products, such as when we want to become a Developer on the Google Playstore, we are definitely asked to fill out a special page to place the Privacy Policy address as a mandatory requirement.

While in Blogger, we can make it on the Page (Page). There are lots of generators on the internet that we can use to create the contents of the page, for example by visiting the Privacy Policy Online

To be more complete, the following is a list of pages that we should provide in the Blog:

  • Privacy Policy (Privacy and Policy)
  • Terms and Services (Terms and Services / Conditions)
  • Disclaimer (Disclaimer)
  • Table of Contents (Sitemap)
  • Contact (Contact)
  • Tentang (About)

All of these pages should be displayed in a Menu or Footer to be easily accessed by the Google Adsense Team and Visitors. To be clearer, you can see for yourself on the Blog

4. Post Articles Every Day

Content is king. So the more content that is posted, the better the position of our blog.

Post articles consistently, if necessary post one article every day. Because blogs that are actively uploading articles have a greater potential to get a lot of visitors.

The more regularly we post, the easier it is for Google Search Console to index articles on the Blog.

5. Submit Blog URL to Other Webmaster Tools

In the Google search engine, we use Google Search Console to submit a sitemap so that it is indexed regularly. While in other search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu, we use their respective Webmaster Tools.

It is very important to register and submit a sitemap URL (table of contents) to Webmaster Tools. Because it can open up opportunities for blogs that we manage to quickly go viral on the internet.

So, do not rely on one search engine (search engine) only. But, use all available tools to make it easier to accept.

Google Adsense Secret Tricks

For those of you who already have a blog that is accepted by Adsense, there is a special trick so that our new blog can display ads from the same Adsense without review and there is also a trick so that new blogs can be linked to a new Adsense account easily.

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Trick #1: How to Show Ads on New Blogs Without Reviewing

Before following this tutorial, there are conditions that must be met, namely:

1. Already Using a Custom Domain

If you have never bought a domain at all, you should buy it immediately, because this will really help us for some blogging needs. But if you already have, go directly to the second step.

2. Create a Sub Domain

After having a Custom Domain, we must create a sub domain. We will install this sub domain on the new blog that we want to advertise. How to Create a Free Blogger Subdomain + Its Benefits .

3. Installing the Ad Code on the New Blog

If your main domain is connected to a Google Adsense account and can display ads, then your subdomain can also display ads. Because Google Adsense considers Domains and Subdomains is a unified whole.

Trick #2: How to Show Ads on a New Blog Using a New Adsense Account

Usually a Blogger has more than one Adsense account, the point is as a backup account. Because we ourselves are not able to predict the future. So, like it or not, we have to be prepared with a well-thought-out plan to stay safe in making money.

The reason many Bloggers have two to three Adsense accounts is to avoid unwanted things. 

In the internet world, our biggest enemy is hackers who like to steal other people's accounts. If our account is stolen and can't be saved, at least we still have one other hope.

In addition to avoiding thieves, we also avoid cases of Banned (blocking) accounts by Google for committing violations. Before all that happens, let's create a new blog and new Adsense, then quickly link.

The problem is, why is it always rejected? So, to get accepted quickly even if you use a new blog, please use the trick below.

1. Make New Blog As Sub Domain

Our goal here is to show ads from the old Adsense account first. Due to the fact, blogs that have shown ads from other Adsense accounts will be more easily accepted when registering for a new Adsense account.

2. Continue to fill in the article, wait 1 to 2 months

Make this new blog actively post articles, so that Adsense ads continue to appear and get to know this new blog. Be patient 1 to 2 months is better than applying and being rejected continuously.

3. Drop Sub Domain and Replace with New Domain

After a few months, let go of the Subdomain and then buy a new Domain. Because the subdomain can not be submitted to the new Adsense.

4. Connect New Blog to New Adsense Account

Request an Adsense review, connect the sitemap to Search Console, and add Google Ads.txt to Blogger settings. Wait about a week, then the results of the blog will be accepted and can display ads from the new Adsense. Succeed!!

That's the secret blog monetisation trick to be accepted by Google Adsense. May be useful.

Watch this complete Playlist by Blogging Raptor for Indian Users on AdSense Approval


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