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Semrush Premium Cookies Free Download Updated Today

How to use Semrush Cookies Premium For free in Kiwi Browser Updated weekly for free
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As you know that Semrush is a very effective SEO Tool which can improve the SEO of your website so that it appears on the Top 1 Ranking in Google.

Semrush Premium Cookies Free 

So this tool will help you to grow your website but it is a premium tool which can be used by paying some amount to their subscription.

Now users like me who are in the initial process of their website development don't have enough access to this financial condition so we go for the alternate but end up getting a very backward tool which will not help us in growing or website.

So today I am here to tell you that we can use these tools by accessing the cookies from those users who have purchased these tools and we can use their cookies to initiate the whole user package to our browser and use it freely for approximately 5-6 days.

So you have to update these cookies regularly and we will also provide you update to the cookies in 3-4 days so that you get better results and don't get any error while uploading all the cookies to the respective website.

So let's start this article with a quick intro about SemRush and its uses then we will move to how we can use this cookies and what are the precautions that we have to handle while using the account so that we might not get any error.

we will also give you a support option where we will update you if the cookies are working or not with just a simple blink option.

What is Semrush ?

Semrush is a SEO Tool for Web Developers which helps users to analyze their and competitors website from in depth and find ranking keywords so that we can rank on them.

Semrush is well known for it's fast and perfect results..

A semrush result of a website is also noticed while viewing a website by Marketers and Affiliates for Brand Promotion...

Semrush is also competitor to Ahrefs and many other SEO Tools.

What are Semrush Cookies?

There are many users who buy SemRush from Group Buying Tools which helps them to manage the cost to approximately ⅓ of the original cost and the users get account access of it.

Now some coding experts extracts all the cookies saved for the user agent that they have got for Semrush Pro and they export and give it to us so that we can also use those cookies to login to their account and use the SemRush Pro freely.

So basically its a loophole as we can say in the cookies section that all the cookies are stored on the database of user and we get access to it and we then easily login to their account and get Semrush Pro for free.

But these websites auto detect this thing and they remove the access after clearing the browser cache in 4 to 5 days so we have to use new cookies which I will give to you by updating the  links to the cookies so that you can easily use those cookies.

I personally think that it is not an illegal thing because we are using the secure account and password and we are just got getting shared the ID and password of another account which is not any legal thing because Semrush allows sharing account with anyone we want.

How to use Cookies ?

Step-1 : Copy all the cookie which is in JSON Format like this -

"domain": "",
"expirationDate": 1693042500, "hostOnly": true,
"httpOnly": false,
"name": "sa-user-id-v2",
"path": "/",
"sameSite": null,
"secure": false,
"session": false,
"storeId": null,
"value": "s%253A0-6babe0f1-6434-49fe-7f30-773c0c9bfec5%2524cell.Bj6BdQZNV8a%252F6oZwEDPwkki7KeNoKHcHKllVm0kxmHs"
}, . . . . .

Step-2 : Open Kiwi Browser and go to this link to install the Cookie Plugin which we will be gonna to use..

Cookie Editor Chrome Plugin

Step-3 : Open in Kiwi Browser and then click on Menu Icon and click on Cookie Editor....

Cookie Editor

Step-4 : Wait for sometime so that all cookies are loaded successfully (30-40 seconds after website loads fully).

Cookies of any Website 

Step-5 : Click on the icon as shown above to delete all cookies.

Step-6 : Click on add new cookies and paste the JSON Copied in Step-1 .

Import Cookies from Here

Step-7 : Click on Save icon and you will see 5-6 prompts saying like - Unsupported, User Error ,etc..(Completely Normal). Just let all the prompts come and they will eventually stop after 6-7 prompts almost.

Enter Cookies Here..

Step-7 : Go to Semrush website back through Tab - Switch and reload it.

Step-8 : Hurray your semrush is now working 🤩..

What are the Precautions while using this Semrush Tool?

Precaution 1 :

Never,, literally never Logout of the Account that you have got in Cookies...
This will initiate new token and you will be unable to use the cookies and they will Expire..

Precaution 2 :
We don't provide any guarantee that our cookie works perfectly or not...

Download The Semrush Pro Cookies from Here -

Last Updated: 24-09/06:00pm IST


In the end, I just want to say that Semrush is a very good tool and there is no problem in using such a great tool for your website.

You can easily compete with your competitors and you can easily rank up.on them.

About the Author

Hi, I am Anand Nawal and my motive is to give you the best guide over your Query☺️

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