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WebStories in Blogger : The Complete Setup

Google is an AI search engine that keeps on surprising its users by bringing new updates from time to time.
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Hello Friends 😃,

How are you? Hope you are fine and doing well and Today we have collected some information that WebStories can also be built for a blogger domain..

😍Intresting right? So let's start this quick article without wasting much more time..

How to Make WebStories in Blogger

What is Google Web Stories and how to use it in Blogger?

Google is an AI search engine that keeps on surprising its users by bringing new updates from time to time. More recently, Google has brought a new update which is Google Web Stories. Which will help you in bringing better traffic to your website. Do you know what Google Web Stories is and how to install it.

A research has shown that about 80% of Internet users consume videos every day for 7:30 hours, out of which more than 50% are short videos.

In view of the interest of people in short videos, Google has added the feature of Google Web Stories which will be visible to the users through Google Discover. With its help, Website Owners will be able to increase traffic on their website using Google Web Stories.

How to create google web stories and how to earn money ?

If you have a website then this article is going to be very helpful for you. What is Google Web Stories and what are its benefits in this article. Along with this, the step by step process of installing Google Web Stories Plugin has also been told.

If you understand this article well and read it completely, then you can also easily create Web Stories for your website and increase the traffic on your website.      

As you know that the interest of people is increasing in short videos. Shorts videos are increasing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and the craze of people is also increasing.

Keeping this in mind, Google has launched the Google Web Stories feature. If you are a new blogger or you have a new website, then you can bring more traffic to your website in less time by doing good SEO and using Google Web Stories.

Now you must have understood what is Google Web Stories, so now let me tell you the importance of Google Web Stories.

Why Google Web Stories is important

Now that you know what Google Web Stories is, you must have understood its importance as well. If you are a website owner then Google Web Stories feature is very important for you.

Because Google has launched this feature so that all website owners can use it to increase traffic on their website. With this, Internet users will also get a good experience, which is a very good thing.

If you also want to install Google Web Stories on your website, then I will also tell you its complete process. By reading which you will be able to use it easily. You can also earn money through Ads by monetising Google Web Stories.

If you use it, then you will be able to increase more traffic on your website in less time. Now you must have understood why Google Web Stories is important. So let me now tell you the process of using it.

Step by Step Process to Install Google Web Stories Plugin

After knowing what is Google Web Stories, if you want to increase traffic by using it in your website, then you will have to install a plugin in your WordPress website for this.

For this, I have explained the complete step by step process here so that you too can easily use Google Web Stories in your website. For this you have to install a plugin in your WordPress website.

Which will help you to create and publish Web Stories. Come on, now I will tell you the step by step process of how to use it. This process is as follows-

Go to MakeStories 🚀

Step 1.

First of all, open the Make Stories website by searching Google and click on the signup for free button and create your account from google account, which is very simple.

Google WebStories in Blogger
Go to MakeStories 🚀

Step 2.

Then you will directly reach the Dashboard of Make Stories. This dashboard will look exactly like a dashboard with the WordPress web stories plugin.

Step 3.

The option of Create New Story will appear above on the left side, click on it. Here the editor section is available to create the story, from where you can make the story more and more attractive.

Here you get all kinds of tools like Background, Template, Text, Layers, Media Library in the serial, which helps a lot in making a great story for the blog, they have been told in short above.

Step 4.

Create a good story with the help of all these tools and use 6 to 7 pages in at least one story, that means creating a story of 6 to 7 pages only.

After creating, you can simply see its preview. See the preview If something is missing, improve it, then publish it by clicking on the publish button.

If you read and follow this Step by Step Process thoroughly, then you can easily download and use this Google Web Stories Plugin. 

MakeStories Overview 

Friends, after creating an account, you have to do some settings so that your web story gets optimized well. When your account is created, then you will see the option of General Settings on the homepage, you have to click on it.

SEO Settings –

Here you get the first option of SEO. In seo you have to first select Person in Author Type. Select your name in Author Name, English in Story Language and your name in Publisher Name and English in Editor Language and click on Save.


You will get the next option of Branding. Here you have to fill your Brand Name, Logo and Favicon. Finally, you have to select the industry of your content and click on Save.

Typography –

In Typography, you can change the Colour, Font, Font Weight and Font Size of your Headings as per your convenience.

Analytics –

In Analytics, you can enter the code of Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels so that you can track the traffic of your Stories.

Social Media –

Here you can save by entering your Facebook and Twitter id.

Advertising Setup –

Friends, if you have got the approval of Google Adsense, then you can earn money by monetizing your story by entering your publisher id.

Google Web Stories Advantages

If you have understood the step by step process of installing and using Google Web Stories and its plugin. So now you should also know the advantages of Google's Web Stories feature.

What are the benefits you will get from using it. Here I am telling you some of the advantages of Google Web Stories. which are as follows –

1. Shareable Content

If seen technically, then this content is very simple and you can make it easily. Web Stories can be in Image, GIF or Video Format, due to which you can also share it very easily.

2. Easy to Track

You can easily track Web Stories with the help of Google Analytics. For this, you have to first go to Editor Settings and add Google Analytics ID.

3. Increase Traffic

You can bring more and more traffic to your website by publishing good web stories. So that your website can be helped in ranking in Search Engine. 

4. Fast Loading Speed

These web stories are of very short duration and load very fast, along with this people also get the necessary information from these short stories. That's why people like to watch Stories more.

Google Web Stories Disadvantages

When you have known the advantages of Google Web Stories, then now you should also know its disadvantages. These Disadvantages are as follow –

Must have Special Skills

To create web stories, it is very important for you to have special skills so that you can design something different and bring maximum traffic to your website. If someone does not have special skills and does not have experience, then he will have to waste a lot of time for new ideas.

Things to note in Google Web Stories

If you have understood well what is Google Web Stories by reading this article. So now you should also know some important things. There are a few things you should always keep in mind when you use Google Web Stories. Here are some things to note –
  • The video you are creating for Web Stories should be in Portait Mode. 
  • You must use Caption in your Web Stories. So that if someone is in a crowded place, then he can read the caption and know the information given in the video.
  • You should also pay a lot of attention to the length of your video, you should keep the length of the video as mentioned in the rules of Google Web Stories.
  • You should also pay attention to the limit of text while creating web stories.
Conclusion: What is Google Web Stories
If you have read this article thoroughly, then you must have come to know what Google Web Stories is and why it is important. When you create Web Stories for your website, you should keep in mind that the video you are making.

Users should also get to learn something from it and what you have told in the title should be told well inside the video. For example, if you have kept 5 Health Tips Title, then you should tell only 5 tips in the video, lest you end the video by telling only 1 or 2 tips.

Traffic Increase will happen on your website only when users will get the right information from your Web Stories. You can easily know its performance by tracking and analyzing your web stories.

In this article, I have told what is Google Web Stories and its Advantages and Disadvantages. Apart from this, I have told the step by step process of installing and using the Google Web Stories plugin. If you follow this process, then you can easily take advantage of using Google Web Stories.

I hope you liked this article of mine. If you have found this article helpful, then definitely share it with the needy people.
Go to MakeStories 🚀

FAQ:  What is Google Web Stories

When I was researching on the Internet what is Google Web Stories, I saw that there were many questions and problems from people related to it. Out of which I have given answers to some important questions in this article. which are as follows –

Q.1 Can I make money from Google Web Stories?

Ans. Yes, you can also earn money from Google Web Stories. You can earn good money through Google Monetization, Amazon Affiliate Links and Content Promotion. 

Q.2 How to Monetize Google Web Stories?

Ans. You can monetize Google Web Stories using Google Ads Manager and Google DV360. 

Q.3 Are Google Web Stories Free?

Ans. Yes Google Web Stories is free. For this you have to install a plugin in your WordPress website. For which you do not have to make any payment.


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