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How to Find Low Competition Keywords in 2022 : Top 10 Niche to become Successfull

Low Competition Keywords helps us to rank easily on Google Search without applying much SEO factors to our Article.
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Are you new to Blogging and unable to find a Good Niche to work upon it and get millions of Traffic to your WebSite?

How to Find Low Competition Keywords in 2022 : Top 10 Niche to become Successfull
©AnandNawal | How to Find a Low Competition Keyword?

If Yes, then Today you will get a valuable information about Keywords and Niche which you can apply to any type and category of Blog you have.

Low Competition Keywords isn't hard to find but the problem is Low Competition Keywords come and go with respect to time but Bloggers don't try to find them out.

The same was with me a while ago and when I digged down in this field till the root of SEO and Google Search Factors, I realised it was too much easy to find and Work Upon them.

I know it is easy to find a Keyword but to rank upon Top 1, we still need SEO and Writing Skills to work upon which can only be achieved by reading Articles more and more.

So without wasting anymore time me of you, let's start this by getting an Info about some Tools and Requirements for this research you will do after reading this Article.

What are the Requirements you need to start this Research and find Low Competition Keywords?

So firstly, Here comes the important thing that you should have ~ PROPER TIME regarding this. If you are doing this separately then, It will be very difficult to research. You need to make a proper timing for research in the beginning so that your Article is good and SEO Optimised.

Secondly, We should know here to start from..
If you have Good Writing skills or if you have any idea of writing on the Topic (or else your Blog Category or Niche ) the just go to Google and place the Keyword in Search Results...

Let suppose I am intrested in App making using Kodular then I will surely write - 

" WebToApp using Kodular AIA File Download " and I will get some suggestions too from Google which can be useful while writing about that Topic (If you think you can write on it).

Then after clicking on Search some WebSites come and you just have to Open the Top 10 Website's (Except Ads) and analyse them one by one. 

By analysing it means is to see 

  • How many headings are there..
  • How many research topics are there..
  • How many of the KeyWords are quitely used related to your Search on Google.
  • How many Links are provided to Others(External Linking) and to the Same WebSite(Internal Linking).
  • How many Words the article is that with enhancements like FAQ Schema, WebSite Theme, SiteLinks SearchBox, How-To Schema,etc...
  • And if you are that much serious then write your research on a Pen-Paper about that Keyword...
  • Remember that you have to do one time to find a perfect category for your Writing so that you can rank on Google...
Also it is like this that if you have lower Site Authority then the Top Ranked ones then maybe you will not attend Top Rankings on Google Search...

What really is Keyword Research ?

The Research we will be doing is basically the finding of our Blogging Topic.
Just like I am doing research on " WebToApp using Kodular AIA File Download " the main KeyWord target is - Kodular, AIA, WebToApp, etc...

Top 10 Search Results : Research in Low Competition Keywords | © AnandNawal

KeyWords just means that Search Terms will understand what we are talking in our Article about and we will using these Keywords to enhance our WebSite using SEO and will help us in making writings...

What is Low Competition KeyWords in-general?

There are 2 type of KeyWords in Search Engine : High Competition Keyword & Low Competition Keyword .

Low Competition Keywords only require simple SEO and not much hard Research to rank in Top 10 but for High Competition it is the SEO, Website Authority and Brand Value that comes first....

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So what? Is there only this Category for you to write on? What about us?

As you may have seen that on my keyword " WebToApp using Kodular AIA File Download " there is no Article made with the Exact Heading so as to rank on it will be really easy even with a single Paragraph on it.

Amazing right 😂.. While you can work on this Topic too if you want to because it is a Low Competition Keyword for you too.

So now if you have got an info and idea about how much your article length should be to rank upon the same category with different Keywords and obviously Good SEO then the existing once..

A Good Tip for you :
Sometimes you must write articles not to rank 1 but to rank in Top 5 to increase your WebSite visibility on Google and as a Competitor to others.

Now let's move to how we can properly find a focused Keyword to which you will be writing on your WebSite..

We will now discover some ways to find a Proper Heading to your Article using some Keyword Tools which I personally use Sometimes.

Tools to Find a Proper Heading for your Article for Low Competition Keywords -

Let's start one by one 😁 with some Good Research SEO Tools :

  1. Google AdWords or Content Planner - The Best research tool is the AdWords by Google to fina a Proper Heading and Low Competition Keyword for your WebSite as Google AdWords says itself  " The right Keywords can get your WebSite in front of the right Needy People, and Google Keyword Planner is here to help you... "

  2. - This is the Perfect Tool to frame a Small Tailed Keyword to a Long Tailed Keyword that are been Searched on Google. If you buy there plans then you can also determine the Search Results which are Ranking on that Topic too...
  3. Google Trends - The Best way to stand with the Trends and to get a Good Ranking on the Google we can easily follow the Trends and get most of the Traffic.
  4. Semrush - Semrush is the Best in-class KeyWord Tool and Rank Tracker which can provide us a Good statistics of any KeyWord or any Website with it's Negatives which will help us to clear our Negatives too and use them as our Positives to rank Higher.
That's enough KeyWord Tools I think which are Free and Paid and if still some of these don't help you then you can use these - KWFinder, WordStream, WordTracker...

So now you have a Good list of KeyWords and you can find the best out of it too then just try researching about What to Find and What to not☺️...

How to fastly Index the Low Competition Keyword Articles on Google?

If you have prepared an Article from our Guide but your Article isn't Indexed on Google then we have a Great Thing to let you know that Google has integrated a Indexing API so as to Request about Indexing the articles fastly.

If you want to know How you can do it then you can watch Below Videos for WordPress and Blogger Which are given by Blogging Raptor❤️

How to use Indexing API in Blogger?

How to use Indexing API in WordPress?

The next Guide will be on How to write a Perfect Article for your WebSite using every Possible Measures and Enhancements we can do. Comment below if you think That Low Competition Keywords isn't that much Easy for you while even after understanding our Article, Then we will make a Video Upon it on Our YouTube Channel 😍...

Low Competition Keywords List

The Low Competition Keywords -
sorry images for best friend free download 
love images with messages 
get well soon my love 
 android system webview not updating in play store
How does SEO work with google 
Honey and cinnamon help acne 
 Picture of technology in education
 Online cricket live watch tv
Top 10 Low Competition Keywords 

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Some FAQ's related to Low Competition Keywords -

What are Low Competition Keywords?

Low Competition Keywords helps us to rank easily on Google Search without applying much SEO factors to our Article.

How to find Low Competition Keywords?

To find Low Competition Keywords firstly you have to choose your category and search for the trend of that keyword at present so that you can write upon it. You can do it easily by using SEO Tools which we have mentioned in our Website...

Why Low Competition Keywords are useful for a Website?

If we make Article on Low Competition Keywords and the volume of that keyword is good then we can simply get a high amount of Organic Traffic easily by writing Article on that Topic.


In the End of this Article, I only have to say this that it's all required for a Research for a Niche at all. If you still have any Doubts related to this Topic you can still comment down and I will surely help you ❤️.
That's all from " How to Find Low Competition Keywords in 2022 : Top 10 Niche to become Successfull " this...

About the Author

Hi, I am Anand Nawal and my motive is to give you the best guide over your Query☺️

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