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Plus UI v2.6.1 Blogger Template Download - NextGen Blogger Template

Plus UI is one such blogger template that is a great template for all sites. You can try using this template once. I have explained all the features
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Today we will talk about Plus UI blogger template. Plus UI is his UI based template for bloggers. This theme has many updated features such as: - Safelink support, Adblocker, Bookmark feature, Google Translate support, Rating feature and more. However, this theme contains encrypted scripts that cannot be removed.

Plus UI Blogger Template
Plus UI V2.6.1 Blogger Template Download

Plus UI is one such blogger template that is a great template for all sites. You can try using this template once. I have explained all the features of this template in detail below, so please read This post till the end.

Description of Plus UI v2.6.1

Plus UI is a modified version of Jagodesain's templates with better look and functioning, and with addition of more features. Plus UI V.2.6.1 blogger template is Developed by DeoKumar, who included some advanced features and customizations in it.

Plus UI is a unique Blogger Template created by an individual DeoKumar with the help and assistance of Imagz and Median UI Blogger Template. Plus UI comes with IMagz Landing Page or Median UI Dashboard, UI Concept also includes Fletro pro template's footer.

Features of Plus UI Blogger Template

Template Name Plus UI
Version v2.6.1
Developer Fineshop Designs
Author Deo Kumar
Price Rs. 499 (Expected)
Free Version Not Available

Notice - You will get many sites on internet who provides plus ui crack version but we recommend you to purchase this template from official site because in the crack version you will face many type of issues.

  1. Mobile Responsive 
  2. Schema Markup 
  3. SEO Friendly 
  4. Ads Ready 
  5. Fast Loading 
  6. New Featured Post 
  7. Auto Read More With Thumbnail 
  8. Error 404 
  9. Responsive Footer 
  10. Social Follow Button 
  11. Multi Drop Down 
  12. Search Widget 
  13. Related Posts With Thumbnail 
  14. Social Share Button 
  15. Email News Letter Widget 
  16. Recent Post Widget 
  17. Detailed Documentation 
  18. Best Responsive Menu And Layout 
  19. Bookmark Posts
  20. Realtime Views
  21. Quick Edit
  22. System Default Mode
  23. Cookie Consent 
  24. Maintenance Mode 
  25. Music Player
  26. Anti Ad-Blocker
  27. Countdown Download Box
  28. No Internet Connection
  29. Google Translate
  30. Safelink

Plus UI v2.6.1 New Features

  • Realtime Views:- Realtime Views Counter on their posts
  • Maintenance Mode:- If Maintenance Mode is Turned On, the viewers will not be able to access your site until the time you set so you can make changes on your Blog.It will not appear whenever an admin of your Blog visits.
  • Quick Edit:- Whenever an admin visits the Blog, an Edit button will appear, through which they can be redirected to Blogger Page / Post Edit. They can also backup the Blog Contents and many more.Buttons will appear desides the comments so admins can click on them to delete any unwanted comment.
  • Bookmark Posts:-This Add-on will allow visitors to save / bookmark posts so they can read it later. 
  • System Default Mode:-If System Default is selected by users, the mode i.e. Light / Dark, will automatically switch as per the Device Color Scheme.
  • Theme Color:-Let your visitors choose their favourite Theme Color for your Blog. You can set Any of color You want.
  • Music Player:-Looking for Music Player for your Blogger blog? Plus UI v2.6 comes with Music Player, with this you can play your audio files, i.e. MP3....
  • Countdown Download Box:-If you are providing any file on your Website to download, this Download Box will be helpful for you....
  • Anti Ad-Blocker:- to increase your ad Money..
  • Cookie Consent:- To get consent from users about cookies...
  • Country Block:- Block specific country users from accessing your site.
  • No Internet Connection:- Notify users when their internet connection lost .
  • Force Javascript:- Helps you to serve ads and content seamlessly.
  • Google Translate:- multilingual support.
  • Safelink :- Increase your Post views and earn more Money.
  • Article Rating :- user can Rate the Post

How is Plus UI different from Other Templates?

We Checked exceedingly significant preeminent highlights in addition to Plus UI, presently we examine a couple of predominant elements that make them in addition to a point selective from others. 

Various highlights make the motivation to apply this format over others, so permit's discussion roughly those capabilities in short. 

What are the additional Pages and Theme Info?

1) Format ( Theme ):- 

We endeavored many formats on your weblog, however as a rule we saw few layouts to be had with dashboard UI like Medium UI, etc., and afterward, again a few formats accessible with score sites page capabilities like image and banter.

Yet in addition to UI accompanies dashboard UI+ presentation page capability, and it has an extraordinary footer format likewise that make this layout explic it from others. it has a prominent homegrown page and weblog plan, and we were dazzled with its responsiveness. 

2) Extra Pages :-

It accompanies its CSS utilized pages format like around page, contact page, and sitemap website page. That page, and sitemap website page, those pages formate, and design are certainly stunning nobody layout offer such pages with their formats. You could take a look at the demo of these 3 pages on the underneath interface.

3) Submit Format

It Accompanies phenomenal types of post layouts that might be utilized for unmistakable capabilities in a solitary site. 

  • Item set up 
  • Score site page post 
  • Financed Post 
  • Full page mode set up 

4) Easy Documentation and Styles

You can find legitimate documentation in components with instances of every trait in addition to UI on their real site. 

View Documentation


We are not the owner of this template. If you have money, we suggest you to buy it from jagodesian or from fineshop. Because they worked hard for it. And If you don't have much money to buy it, Here we are offering you modified version of this at affordable price.

Demo and Download Links for Plus UI

Some FAQ's Related to the Post

Who is Developer of Plus UI?

Deo Kumar is the developer of Plus UI with conjugation of Sagar Bishnoi. FineShop Design is the WebSite managed by the Developers..

Is Plus UI available for WordPress?

This template is currently only available for the Blogger platform.

Should you use Plus UI?

In my opinion, I will tell yes and think you can understand the reason by reading this article.

Plus UI is free or paid?

Currently, Plus UI doesn't have any free version but you only want to pay for one time then you will get free updates forever.

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