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Best Premium Blogger Templates for Quotes and Shayari Blog

Many bloggers have written and published posts about quotes and shayaris. But few have the knowledge of the proper formatting to make their posts.
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Many bloggers have written and published posts about quotes and shayaris. But few have the knowledge of the proper formatting to make their posts look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, giving their readers what they came for (quality content).

Best Shayari & Quotes Blogger Template
Best Shayari & Quotes Blogger Templates

To help you learn how to format your posts correctly and attract more readers, here are 13 of the best blogger templates for quotes and shayari blogs. 

We have included some of each template so that you can compare them against each other and decide which one will suit you best before making your final choice.

Best Blogger Templates for Quotes and Shayari Blog

Piki Lyrics

Piki Lyrics

This template is suitable for quotes and shayari blog. The design is simple and the look is clean, which can make your blog more fashionable and delicate. 

It is an elegant blog template for quotes and shayari blogs. It has a variety of colors and typefaces to choose from, making it perfect for writers who love to experiment with fonts and background textures.

Quotes Blogger

Quotes Blogger

Template design is very user friendly and extensively designed to present shayari and quotes with the best presentable way thus it will have good engagement.

Quotes Blogger template is designed in one way and to serve the only one purpose to present quotes with the audience. This template is derived from a WordPress theme.

You get limited option it the control panel of blogger where canot do much things, thus to manage this template you will need some basic CSS and HTML but once you manage that it will be awesome to provide shayari and quotes with your audience.

Piki Jokes Blogger Template

Piki Jokes

Piki Jokes is a robust blog template designed to help you create a professional blog that features your content in the best light. 

With a variety of header layouts, widgets, and templates, there's no shortage of options to choose from. 

The blogger template also has an intuitive interface which allows you to customize your site with ease. You will be able to add images, videos, audio files and much more with just a few clicks.

Smooth Grid Blogger Template

SmoothGrid Template

Smooth Grid Blogger is one of the most popular blogger templates for quotes and shayaris. 

This template is built to help you create a blog post in a grid layout, with no clutter or confusion. The template features an easy-to-use drag and drop function for adding pictures, text, social media icons, or anything else you need to your blog post. 

Plus, when it's time to publish your post you will be able to upload it without ever leaving the page.

Speedily Blogger Template

Speedily Theme

The Speedily Blogger Template is a fantastic way to showcase quotes and shayaris. It has a beautiful look that will draw in the readers of your blog. 

The template includes a download link to make things easier for you. The design features a quote or shayari on the left side of the page, with an image of the author on the right side. 

Each post has its own color scheme, making it easy to distinguish from other posts.

Canary Blogger Template

Canary Quotes

The Canary Blogger Template is a modern, responsive theme that is perfect for blogs with quotes or Hindi Shayari. The theme features a clean design and includes lots of features such as video support, lightbox gallery and high-quality social media integration.

Canary also has many different color schemes to choose from including a sleek dark skin which will look great on any website. 

Monster Blogger Template

Monster Theme

There are many other types of templates available on the market, but Monster Blogger Template has a number of great features that make it stand out from the others. 

A grid layout will give your visitors what they want, clear images and text in large font. With a few clicks, you can personalize this template to match your needs for quotes and shayaries.

Phantom Blogger Template

Phantom Blogger Template

Phantom Blogger is a blank WordPress theme for bloggers who want to publish quotes and shayari. This template is perfect for those who love sharing their thoughts about life, love and everything in between. 

The dark theme matches the mood of the blog perfectly with its soothing background and font colors. 

The sidebar on the left displays links to your social media pages, while the sidebar on the right has easy access to your most popular posts.

Art Blogger Template

PikiArt Templates

If you want to showcase your artwork and quotes, the Art Blogger Template is perfect for you. 

This template is designed to showcase art and quotes together, so it’s easy to post both at the same time. 

The template also provides a cover page in case you want a picture of yourself as well as links for social media. 

This template is perfect for artists who want to highlight their work and share their thoughts with others.

LMS Education Blogger

LMS Education Theme

LMS Education Blogger is an excellent choice for quotes and shayari blogs. This blogger template features a clean and elegant design, with a responsive design that will work on any device. 

The blog’s typography is professional and easy to read. It also has many customization options, including more than 15 different colors.

Secret Diary Blogger Template

SecretDiary Theme

Secret Diary Blogger Template is a blogger template made for bloggers who like to write quotes and shayari. 

Secret Diary is a free premium Blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, an exclusive design for Blogger, a background pattern, well designed threaded comments, cute design, girly looking, floral motifs and vectorial elements.

Excellent template for blogs about books, crafts, to write a diary, food, home and decoration or people.

There are also many shayari fonts available to choose from in the ‘Font’ tab of this blogger template.

Textrim Blogger Template

Textrim Blogger Theme

Textrim is a Blogger template for quotes and shayari blogs. The layout features an elegant and minimal design with a three column grid. 

If you are looking for something that looks professional but not too crowded, this template is perfect for you.

It includes a wide variety of layouts for blog posts, photo galleries, pages, and archives. 

In addition to the default design there are 6 pre-built color schemes to choose from as well as customization options that allow you to change the background color and font.

CB Theme Blogger Template

CB Theme

CB Theme Blogger Template is a widget-ready template with a sidebar and plenty of space to write. 

It has an easy to use and responsive design, so no matter what device you are on, your blog will look great.

The template has a beautiful color scheme with light pink, sky blue and dark grey as the main colors.


So, now you know about the 13 best blogger templates for quotes and shayari blogs. Check out these templates and see which one is the best fit for your blog.

If you are facing problem to upload template then do read troubleshooting Blogger Template Upload Error

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Top 13 Themes of Some Quotes and Lyrics Website in Blogger

Piki Lyrics
Quotes Blogger
Piki Jokes Blogger Template
Smooth Grid Blogger Template
Speedily Blogger Template
Canary Blogger Template
Monster Blogger Template
Phantom Blogger Template
Art Blogger Template
LMS Education Blogger
Secret Diary Blogger Template
Textrim Blogger Template
CB Theme Blogger Template

How to make Quotes and Lyrics Website in Blogger?

To make Quote and Lyrics WebSite you just need to be a Good Writer and a Good Thinker in terms of Writing... Lyrics are just meant to write songs from their own Words to Realisation... Quotes can be find or you can make your Own using your Presence of Mind...

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