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Disclaimer -


Our website only provides the content which is good for general public which comes to all website and be sure that it don't harm anyone physically or mentally.

Although we don't assure if any service can provide 100% reliability success in accuracy of the information that is being provided.

As this site is on blogger so there is no any chances of security breach and the data that we collect which you call is cookie is totally safe.

While any of the action that you take up on the information of the website that is strictly at your own risk we don't guarantee if it is good for you or not.

We can't guarantee if there is any loss or damages to the information that is being provided on your website as all the information that is given is from internet sources or other personal experience is we don't recommend to just believe on them which is take them as a help and not as a way to get the answer.

Website mein contain the links of external websites and you may visit them but we don't take any responsibility if that link is safe for you or not. The ultimate decision is of yours if you want to click on the link or not we will not force to click on the link if it is unsafe or safe for you. If there are any hyperlinks which we are indicating to click then you can click as we have verified them as a safe website.

While we are sure to provide only quality links to the useful and ethical websites but we don't have any control over the content in the nature of the sites which we provide hyperlink.

The site of nurse and the content may change without any notices and may occur before we have the percentage to remove the link which may have been attacked or gone down.

You must be aware that when you leave or website other sites in have different privacy policy and the terms which we can't control.

Please be sure to check the "PRIVACY POLICY" is in the "TERMS OF SERVICE" of those websites which you click hyperlink on our site.


By using a website you here by consent to our disclaimer in agreed to the terms of services for website.

Update to our policy

We can update Aman aur make changes to the documentaries of the policy is and after that the prominently posted here you can check them if you have any issues without policy.

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